No New High Rises on Sheridan Road

2 Sep

FOR SALE- That’s right folks, the signs are up on Sheridan Road for the sale of the 2.3 acre parcel of land near the corner of Foster and Sheridan (see above picture)! Unlike the suburbs, you rarely see a SOLD sign go up, in fact maybe in a few months that sign will come down and then eventually a few vigilant neighbors will see a ‘NOTICE’ sign go up and maybe a few more will see a small notice in the paper but rarely is the community fully notified as to what is being proposed in their backyard. So that’s why this site exists: to keep residents up to date on a development that could and most likely will have a big impact on their day to day lives.

The outpouring of support and interest in this site shows that folks in Edgewater are in fact concerned about the size and scope of future development in their area. It should also be said that almost everyone is not purely or remotely ‘ANTI-DEVELOPMENT’. In this economy development is good, but RESONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT and RESONSIBLE GROWTH and active community participation is what we should all be advocating for!

If you agree, then sign our petition and let friends and family know too!

Also- for inquiring minds- feel free to call the number on the real estate sign to find out what’s proposed for that site!          

Todd Cabanban 312.869.4494


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