Traffic in Edgewater

23 Apr

As our community continues to grow, even in these down economic times, issues like traffic and car speed become a more important issue to discuss. I recently read an article from the Active Transportation Alliance that talks about ways to slow traffic in urban areas. Those of us who live on Sheridan Road know how fast cars can speed down our streets (when there’s no traffic). ATA identifies a few ways of slowing these speeders including, speed humps, stop signs, narrowing our roads, street gardens, bike lanes, and medians to name a few.The brief article is complimentary to outgoing Alderman Mary Ann Smith as she has actively been working to improve our streets and traffic flow. It also mentions our active citizenry, a group that will need to continue its advocacy with the newly elected Alderman, Harry Osterman.

One thing that the piece fails to mention is density control and smart development. When we continue to shoehorn large developments into postage stamp lots and then provide 2:1 parking spot ratios we invite so many cars into our neighborhoods that one has to look at these bike lanes, laugh and wonder, “who’s using them?!”


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