Lakeside Motel

30 Apr

I was walking up Sheridan the other day and remembered the old Lakeside Motel and the proposed Bluewater development at 5440 N Sheridan. Has anyone heard anything new on THAT project?

It was mentioned briefly at the end of last year but I wonder if they’re also looking to build a high-rise there as well. I remember the original plans started some five years ago and went in and out of the public’s spotlight as development projects tend to do these days.

Are developers quietly waiting in the high grass, ready to pounce on these lots or are we just thinking the worst? Let us know what you think!

In other news-

See you all at the Public Safety Meeting today!


One Response to “Lakeside Motel”

  1. Nan June 22, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    I don’t know what year you posted your comment – but we live across the street from the proposed ‘Bluewater’ development, and as of June, 2011, there’s no indication that this project is going forward (unless they plan to make the current parking lot arrangement permanent. Back in 2008, they projected completion/delivery by 2010; it’s 2011 and they haven’t even broken ground, so you have to wonder if the developers simply ran out of money, failed to pre-sell enough units to get financing, etc. I don’t know if we can attribute the apparent ‘abandonment’ of this project to the depressed economy – because nothing was happening even prior to the ‘economic downturn.’ And despite a weak economy, there’s lots of other construction going on throughout Chicago. Even the new Admiral By the Lake complex is supposed 80% sold – and the units are pricey.

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