No Wal-Mart in Edgewater

3 May

Those Chicagoans following development and local affairs will have already heard about the potential Wal-Mart proposed in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhoods. To everyone else the Arkansas big box retailer is looking to build a 32,000 square foot store at 2840 N. Broadway near the Bed Bath and Beyond. Active residents have been quick to make their voices heard and the Alderman has already stepped up to oppose the project.

Friends of this site explained that some of the opposition leaders are planning to show a documentary on Wal-Mart tomorrow night, May 4th at Landmark Cinema on N. Clark Street (730pm).

All of this talk brings up an important question for our area, would we rally to stop such a project in Edgewater? The greater problem, it seems, is that approving just one WalMart would likely open the door for dozens more. Each store providing its own impacts in the form of traffic, crime, and poor employee treatment among many others. Food for thought.

For more info on the lakeview fight, check out their facebook page.


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