500 foot high-rise being proposed on Clarendon

30 May

The highrises continue to creep up from downtown!

Every once and a while you’ll hear someone say, “If you don’t like tall buildings, move to the suburbs!” but the reality is never that simple. To begin with if you’ve purchased a home than simply ‘moving to the suburbs’ is not remotely possible unless you’re willing to pay a large chunk of your savings to sell your place. Secondly, most cities,  have low rise residential neighborhoods that provide the ease of city living (transportation, good restaurants, access to downtown, the list goes on) without the cement canyons of living in their financial districts or business districts. It seems that this is urban planning 101.

As stated in an earlier blog- tall buildings cast huge shadows and bring with them an increased density and congestion.  Most will agree that the area north of this proposed site is arguably one of the densest places to live in the city and for good reason! People want water views, and park and water access. Great, but buildings like the one proposed represent a selfish disregard for the current residents that made the neighborhood liveable and safe and attractive for developers to build in the first place. It seems they should have a serious say when such a massive building is proposed. The same goes for the Sheridan Road property near Foster Ave.


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