7 Jun

Yup, it’s our monthly push to keep tabs on the site for a potential high-rise building on Sheridan Road near Foster! Some of the recent development and Real Estate news in our area centers on the fact that Andersonville and Uptown have seen the single largest percentage increase in home values over the last decade! This of course is great news to us home and condo owners but it also demonstrates how desirable our neighborhood is becoming.

These increases in property values are extremely appetizing to developers and with limited plots of land near the water and on Sheridan it is only a matter of time before we get that notice in the mail: “proposed high-rise development on Sheridan Road. 200 feet tall. Come to local meeting to see the plans!”

More recently folks have mentioned the idea of rezoning the property NOW. This is a great idea and should be pursued. In the mean time keep checking in here and call Alderman Osterman to find out what’s really going on in our neighborhood!

Stay cool!




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