Lake Front High-Rises Continue to Rise

24 Jun

It seems every week another high-rise rental building is being proposed along the lake front. This week, we found out that Magellan is planning a 45 story tower close to downtown. Sure that’s far away from our ‘quieter’ streets in Edgewater, however, the seeming demand for lake front towers does not seem to be slowing and the neighbors can’t twiddle their thumbs until plans are posted on this blog or another!

The property located just north of Foster on Sheridan is ripe for such a massive tower and residents need to be aware of the huge impacts including traffic increases, overwhelming congestion, construction noise, construction dust and pollution, shadow impacts, and more residents that don’t have a stake in our community because they are renters.

If you haven’t already, reach out to Alderman Osterman and let him know your concerns about this property and the seemingly unchecked rental tower development occurring throughout the city.
Contact info:

Ward Office
5533 N. Broadway St.
Chicago, Illinois 60640
phone: (773) 784-5277
fax: (773) 784-5033


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