Chicago Casino?

29 Jul

It’s been talked about for quite a while but the idea of a large casino coming to our fare city has garnered more attention recently with budget short falls and the Mayor saying publicly that he supports the ‘idea’ of a casino in Chicago. Recently, the Tribune put out an interesting article discussing more of the specifics of a casino and perhaps what it would need to entail to be economically viable.

In short, their point is that a major casino requires constant traffic to be profitable. In order to garner that traffic, the casino must provide additional attractions such as world class restaurants, incredible theater performances and the classic gimmicks like magic shows and circus acts. Essentially, a casino needs to create a mini-city within our city in order to keep the money flowing to the slots and craps tables.

It’s an interesting observation and certainly raises some serious concerns about what might happen to our own world class restaurants and theaters. What’s worse is that in addition to these real concerns are the classic casino problems like crime, traffic, noise, and degenerate gamblers.

Still, there are places across the country where doom and destruction were predicted but after completion few of the prophecies came true. Regardless of your owner personal biases one of the first and perhaps most important questions that must be answered is WHERE would such a casino go?

What say you?


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