What determines a ‘high-rise’?

8 Aug

Sheridan road certainly has its share of high-rise buildings and this blog certainly believes that it has ENOUGH high-rise buildings in the Edgewater neighborhood, but what do we mean when we say ‘high-rise’. Here’s a great definition from dictionary.com:

Adj. 1. high-rise– used of buildings of many stories equipped with elevators; tall; “avenues lined with high-rise apartment buildings”

low-rise – used of buildings of one or only a few stories and usually no elevator; low; “looking out over the roofs of low-rise apartment buildings”

High-rises also mean high density, congestion, financially risky (at this economic stage), traffic, shadow impacts, and if we’re talking rental high-rises, it’s safe to say that people will be less invested in the neighborhood. All of these descriptions are of course negative because in Edgewater, another tower would really have a negative impact on our neighborhood. It’s already stop and go when trying to get on Lake Shore Drive or west to Clark Street, more cars and people stacked on top of each other will only mean more of an already unacceptable situation.

We can have development without excess!

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support this blog and retweet us, and sign our petition. Your participation is continuing to protect Sheridan Road!


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