Rahm, Irene, Soldier Field and Positive Loitering

26 Aug

As the end of the summer begins to ramp up, we say good buy to the fighter jets in the sky, take a brief look at newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first 100 days in office, follow Irene’s East coast tour, check-in with The Bears and remind neighbors of the Thorndale Positive Loitering tonight!

The Mayor has cut spending ($75m his first day) worked on public schools, briefly touched on TIF reform, ridden the L, increased property taxes and reclaimed his old house. We hope he continues to focus on JOBS and keep people from leaving this great city. We’ll leave the criticisms for another time or another blog…

Across the country, our friends on the east coast continue to anger Mother Earth and she’s not taking it anymore with an earthquake and now IRENE!

Meanwhile at the Bear’s home, people forgot that grass needs water. We hope the team’s management doesn’t forget this about their players! Go Bears!

Finally, and perhaps most important, the Thorndale Action Taks Force is meeting tonight at 8pm at the corner of Thorndale and Broadway. Hope to see you all there!

Happy Weekend Everyone!




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