Protect Sheridan Road is a site that strives to inform residents of relevant developments in the East Edgewater neighborhood.

In its infancy, the site and its followers hope to inform residents of any future high-rise construction that was so popular over the last few decades. Although we don’t consider ourselves ‘Anti-Development’ we do advocate for smart growth, proportional development and increased resident participation in future building construction.

The site, in part, was spawned from the rumors of another massive high-rise building being proposed (in the near future) on Sheridan Road near Foster Avenue. The new grocery store, thus far, seems to be a good fit at fifty feet tall. Unfortunately, rumors abound that a 100+ foot building could be constructed next door! Such a high-rise would only add to our current congestion and symbolize another piece in the wall of high-rise buildings that litter the lake front.

Our goal is to bring residents together in order to discuss what is appropriate for the remaining parcels along Sheridan Road. We hope to work with developers and elected officials in bringing responsible growth to our neighborhood and minimizing the types of divisive development battles that cost everyone time and money.

As a community we can embrace all developments that are considered beneficial for all involved, not just a handful of outside developers.

Going forward we will be providing a forum for all interested parties to discuss appropriate ways to guarantee the quality of life we enjoy today.

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